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Setting up a subdomain within cPanel



subdomain is a prefix to your domain name. Let's say that your domain is abc.com.au. You can setup subdomains so that people can access different parts of your page : a shop.abc.com.au may bring them to the online shop of your page, a products.abc.com.au may bring them to a list of products.

You can setup an unlimited number of subdomains. Each of them can be set to redirect to a different page, even an external page belonging to a different domain.

You can setup a subdomain by login into cPanel for your domain. Once logged in, follow the instructions below (these instructions are applicable for cPanel 11) :

1 - Go to the Domains category on the cPanel main page.
2 - Click on the Subdomains option.
3 - Enter your desired subdomain in the "Subdomain" field.
4 - By default, cPanel configures your subdomain to be hosted in a sub-directory in your account, in the "Document Root" field. The sub-directory will take the name of your subdomain. If you want the subdomain to point to the same page, just set the document root as "public_html/".
5 - Click "Create" when the options are all correct.
6 - Upload the files that your user should see to the document root directory.


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